Rib Panels

Ribbed Metal Sheet

An entry level panel that is anything but…

Ribbed Panel Metal Roofs have now gained popularity in residential and light commercial construction and is available in 26ga and 29ga steel, making it one of the most cost-efficient profiles. Colors: 40+ Colors, Including 20 Colors of Ultra-Fade-Resistive Kynar500 ® Mill Finish Available.

All measurements are nominal and can vary according to the FL building code. Recognized for their durability and resistance to harsh weather, residential metal roofing provides increased protection against home-damaging events like wind, hail, and fire. Some common residential applications include:

Ranch-Style Homes

Sheds & Outbuildings
Two Story Homes
Architectural Accents

Ribbed Panel Metal Roofs are the nicest panel available for the least amount of money. A metal roof installation on a home or business is a smart investment in regions with volatile weather like Florida. Persistent rain and wind can damage typical shingled roofs, requiring costly repairs almost every year. The GulfRib metal panel, often referred to as Ribbed Panels, are a low- maintenance, durable alternative to conventional roofing and adds extra protection against the elements. These panels can be installed either on a solid substrate or open framing such as metal purlins or wood support beams.